Masseter Botox Before and After, 7 Important Things To Expect When Getting Jawline Botox For Face Slimming In Toronto

Masseter Botox

Masseter Botox Before and After, What To Expect When Getting Jawline Botox For Face Slimming In Toronto

Your masseter is simply your jaw and this is one of the strongest muscles in the face as it is used for chewing and grinding with your teeth.

Everyone has a different jaw shape and size, this plays a large role in the shape of your face and how you look. Men usually have more defined jawlines than women as women mostly have “softer” jawlines.

This article is all about using masseter Botox to give you the jawline and look you want as well as getting masseter Botox in Toronto as a cure for teeth grinding.

What Is Masseter Botox?

Masseter Botox or jawline Botox is simply using Botulinum Toxin which is also called Botox for the jaw.

Botox has many functions but in this post we will be focusing on its function as a cosmetic treatment for relaxing muscles to give them a contoured look.

Masseter Botox

Botox is injected into the jaw (masseter) for two major reasons which are:

• To relax the jawline for face slimming

• To relax the jawline as a treatment for teeth grinding

Now, let’s look at how Botox does all these and what to expect.

Is Botox a Good Treatment for Teeth Grinding?

Everyone grinds or clenches their teeth at will but when this becomes too much it is a problem that requires treatment.

This problem can be caused by different factors such as anxiety, abnormal positioning of the jaw, medication or other less popular factors.

To treat excessive teeth grinding with Botox, the jaw is injected with the right amount of Botox and it works to make the jaw muscles relaxed so the frequent grinding, clenching, and headaches stop.

Once 20 units are injected into each side of the jaw in a treatment that lasts under 30 minutes, Botox starts working immediately but the total results are noticed after a week.

The results gotten from this treatment last 4 to 6 months, and for that period you will be cured of excessive teeth grinding and clenching.

What Does Botox Do For The Jawline?

Besides serving as a treatment that stops teeth grinding and clenching, Botox can also reduce the size of your jaw or change its shape without affecting how you chew or talk.

Botox works to slim the jawline and gives your face a slimmer look by making the masseter (jaw) muscle relax in a way that makes it look like the jaw has shrunk in size and changed in shape.

How Many Units Of Masseter Botox for Jawline Slimming?

Similar to Botox for teeth grinding and clenching which requires an average of 20 units on each side of the jaw, 25 or more units are required to get the best Botox jawline slimming results.

Some people may benefit from 20 units on each side which is a total of 40 units while others will need up to 25, or 30 units on each side for the best results depending on the type of results you want – more Botox means more dramatic results.#

Masseter Botox Before and After – Dysport, a derivative of Botox used to slim the jawline of this pretty client at VLine Cosmetic Clinic in Toronto, call +1 905 597 6338 to book an appointment for jawline Botox.

How Long Does Botox Last On The Jawline?

The procedure to get jawline Botox lasts only a few minutes, and within 5 days you will see results as your jawline will begin to look slimmer.

The full result of Botox jawline slimming lasts 4 to 6 months, the length of results vary from person to person, so your friend can get her jawline slimmed for 4 months with one treatment and yours will last as long as 6 months.

After this period (4 to 6 months) you should get another treatment to maintain the results for another 4 to 6 months or instead of waiting for Botox to wear off completely just get a “touch up” treatment after 2 months, a touch up treatment at a reputable cosmetic clinic or medical spa will save you money as you will need fewer units of Botox to maintain your Botox jawline slimming results.

Is Masseter Botox Risky?

Whether you’re wondering if masseter Botox will make your face sag or ruin your smile, there’s good news that Botox injected into the jaw to slim the jawline or stop clenching and grinding has no side effects and isn’t risky unless you are allergic to Botox.

Before each treatment our Toronto cosmetic clinic offers a free consultation, so our expert practitioners can take a look at you to know if you have any existing health problems that can stop you from getting masseter Botox.

Who Is Masseter Botox For?

Jawline Botox isn’t limited to age or gender, anyone can use it as a face slimming or teeth grinding and clenching treatment, so everyone who has this problem and wants to solve it is a candidate for jawline Botox.

How Much Does Masseter Botox Cost In Toronto?

The average number of units required for jawline Botox is 50 units, which is broken down into 25 units on each side.

The cost of Botox in Toronto clinics is an average of $14 per unit so expect to pay $14 per unit of Botox for 50 units which is a total of $700 for the full treatment, but this cost is an estimate as it could be more or less, you will know how many units you really need after a consultation.

Where To Get Masseter Botox Near Me In Toronto?

Medical spas which are also frequently called Med Spas and cosmetic clinics are both recommended places to get Botox for your jawline in Toronto.

Focus on the quality of the place and the skill level of their injector when choosing a good place to get the best results.

At VLine cosmetic clinic Toronto we have had a lot of success offering people the chance to slim their jawline and stop teeth grinding with masseter Botox, we have a few appointments left this month so call or message us on +1 905 597 6338 to get a result like the one you saw above.

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