What Is The Most Effective Treatment For Rosacea In Toronto? 1 Sure Way to Get Rid of Rosacea

The Most Effective Treatment For Rosacea In Toronto

What Is The Most Effective Treatment For Rosacea In Toronto? We Look at The Best Rosacea Treatment Option Today

Rosacea also known as Acne Rosacea is a skin disorder that mostly affects the faces of fair skinned women, there are different ways rosacea appears and this ranges from skin redness (flushing) to small bumps on the face that look like acne.

Rosacea comes and goes in flare-ups, sometimes it is mild and other times the flare up can be severe and last for several months.

In this post we will be exploring the most effective treatment option for Rosacea so you can say goodbye to those flare-ups, but first let’s look at the symptoms in case you’re a bit confused whether you’re suffering from Rosacea or not.

What Are The 5 Symptoms Of Rosacea?

Here are 5 symptoms to look out for that will help you come to a conclusion of whether you’re suffering from Rosacea or not. This will help with self diagnosis but also consider getting clinical diagnosis.

1. The skin turns red (flushing) often for short periods.

2. Prolonged to permanent redness.

3. Visible blood vessels on the skin which are usually small but persistent.

4. Mild to severe stinging or burning sensations on the skin.

5. The appearance of spots that look like acne and are sometimes pus-filled.

Now, you know what the top common symptoms of rosacea are, but what could be causing it?

What Is The Main Cause Of Rosacea?

The main cause of Rosacea is thought to be inflammation and abnormalities in the blood vessels on the face caused by genetics, but this isn’t true for everyone as other causes such as environmental factors, and skin sensitivity from an overactive immune system have all been pointed out, and sometimes the cause is a combination of 2 or more factors.

While Rosacea is an existing skin condition, its flare-ups can be caused or triggered by things such as spicy foods or hot drinks, caffeine, alcohol, too much exposure to sunlight, weather, stress or strenuous exercise.

What Are The Types Of Rosacea?

There are different types of rosacea and being able to examine a patient’s skin to determine which type of rosacea they are suffering from is key in creating a treatment plan, the 4 main types of rosacea include:

• Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea

• Papulopustular (Acne) Rosacea

• Phymatous Rosacea

• Ocular Rosacea

Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea 

is the first type we will be looking at and this type of Rosacea which is also called ETR is the most popular type of Rosacea, it causes redness, flushing, and other symptoms include swelling, tingling, and a scaly appearance of the skin.

Papulopustular or Acne Rosacea 

refers to the type of Rosacea with symptoms of painful pimples, redness, visible spider veins, and inflammation. This type of Rosacea looks like acne but is more common in adults, it comes with more redness and dry scaly patches of skin called plaques.

Phymatous Rosacea 

In this case, patients notice the formation of dry scaly skin that looks like scar tissue and mostly affects the nose making it look larger with bigger pores, plus the usual redness that comes with rosacea. It is also important to note that this type of rosacea is more common in men than women and results when rosacea isn’t treated properly from the beginning.

Ocular Rosacea 

is the last type of rosacea and this type of rosacea affects only the eyes, and areas around the eyes such as the skin around the eyes and the eyelids. Symptoms of this type of rosacea include redness or swelling of skin around the eyes, itching, cysts on the eyes, irritation in the eyes, and the eyes appearing bloodshot with visible blood vessels.

How Do You Clear Up Rosacea?

Rosacea can’t be cured, but it can be managed, and the flare-ups can be prevented so they don’t appear. When flare ups happen they can also be cleared up fast using different treatment options from topical creams to supplements, or a change in lifestyle choices such as diet, stress management, and sun exposure.

It is advised that people who suffer from rosacea avoid spicy foods before and during a flare up, wear sunscreen regularly, and use skincare products that are mild to the skin as products that are even a bit harsh can trigger or worsen a flare up.

What Is The Most Effective Treatment For Rosacea?

Regulating your diet, stress, and using creams to help clear flare-ups as mentioned previously are ways to manage rosacea, but they are not effective for everyone, and they are not really a “treatment”.

At VLine cosmetic clinic Toronto we have been treating different skin conditions year after year, and one of the skin conditions we have helped different clients treat is rosacea using laser.

What Type Of Laser Is Good For Rosacea?

There are different types of lasers on the market that promise to be able to treat rosacea, and the two most popular ones are IPL (Intense Pulsed Light Laser) and Fotona YAG Laser.

Our highly skilled practitioners have seen that a Fotona YAG Laser treatment is the most effective treatment for rosacea as it is tested and works every time.

Fotona YAG Laser is one which penetrates deeply into the skin to treat rosacea without damaging skin on the surface. This causes heat energy to be created and reduces the redness as it shrinks abnormal blood vessels.

Patients with mild or moderate rosacea require just 1 or 2 treatments while patients with severe rosacea may require up to 4 treatment sessions.

After the treatment sessions have been completed you will notice reduced redness, inflammation, and no flare-ups for up to 6 months.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Treating Rosacea With Fotona YAG Laser?

There have been no side effects reported by any patient who has used this treatment for rosacea, so a lot of people are good candidates for the removal of rosacea with Fotona YAG Laser but we advise that you first book a consultation with a qualified Fotona provider near you.

How Do I Get Fotona Rosacea Treatment Near Me?


There are different cosmetic clinics and medical spas that are also Fotona providers which means they offer the service of Fotona YAG Laser treatment.


A quick search of the top medical spas and cosmetic clinics in your area could reveal the ones who provide Fotona YAG laser treatment for rosacea.


For those in the Toronto area you should consider contacting VLine cosmetic clinic Toronto on +1 905 597 6338 as we have helped other clients reduce the appearance of rosacea with Fotona YAG Laser.


What Is The Cost of Fotona Rosacea Treatment In Toronto?


The amount you will need to pay per treatment depends on the clinic you’re planning to get rosacea treatment from using the Fotona YAG Laser.


Another factor that determines the price you will be paying is how many treatment sessions you will need as some clinics charge a lower price for more than 2 sessions, but the average price per session is over $400.


Can You Permanently Remove Rosacea?

Sadly rosacea is a lifelong skin disorder, it has no cure but with management and a treatment like the Fotona YAG Laser rosacea flare-ups can be removed for as many as 6 months, so if you get the treatment twice a year then the results will appear permanent as you will have no flare-ups the whole year.

Ready to clear rosacea up for the next 6 months instead of dealing with flare-ups you can’t really control? Call us on +1 905 597 6338 if you’re in the Toronto area or message us for a consultation, so we can take a look at your skin and determine how many treatment sessions you will need.

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