An Introduction to Dermal Fillers; Everything you should know about The 4 Exquisite Types of Fillers


An Introduction to Dermal Fillers; Lip Fillers, Jawline Fillers, Chin Fillers, And Under Eye Fillers

An Introduction to Dermal Fillers
Are Fillers right for you? Are you suitable to get Dermal Fillers on Your Lips, Chin, Jawline, or Tear Troughs? We answer all Your Questions In This Post

The growing popularity of dermal fillers, means many who stumble upon this article know a thing or two about it. In this article, you will learn about how dermal fillers work and the different types of dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers help to replenish the volume lost on the face and not just that, they help fill in wrinkles, and rejuvenate the skin to make you look younger and give you that enhanced look.

An Introduction to Dermal Fillers: What Are The Different Types Of Fillers? 

There are different types of dermal fillers based on the particular area you intend to treat and those are the different types we would be looking into today

Lip Filler

Injectable lip fillers are a perfect way to add volume and restore plumpness to the lips. These lip fillers are made of safe and semi-permanent substances which are injected into lips that are losing their volume, and shape.

Before and After Transformation of Dermal Fillers Used To Add Definition and Plumpness to The Lips
Before and After Transformation of Dermal Fillers Used To Add Definition and Plumpness to The Lips

How Do Lip Fillers Work? 

Dermal fillers for the lips are a non-surgical treatment that injects substances found naturally in the body into the lips to give them volume and shape. The substance is also known for stimulating the development of collagen which helps you look young.

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

The good thing is that the result of lip fillers lasts a long time. You can modify your lips according to your desire with lip fillers that last a minimum of 6 months. At Toronto’s Premier Medical Spa VLine Clinic, patient care always comes first in every procedure, ensuring the most comfortable treatment possible.

Do Lip Fillers Damage Your Lips?

This doesn’t happen in most cases, in rare cases where such occurs, it is often a result of extreme usage or the work of an amateur injector. Your lips won’t be stretched and when you do stop the process, it returns to their normal size. This is why getting fillers at an experienced Cosmetic Clinic would be your best bet.

How Much Is Lip Filler?

The average cost of lip filler varies depending on the particular brand of filler used to meet your needs. This is why you should request an appointment by starting a live chat with us.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Lip Fillers?

Some of the Pros of lip fillers are that it makes you look attractive and young, and it’s a process that doesn’t involve surgery. There are no known disadvantages of lip fillers besides using the services of an unskilled practitioner or trying to do it yourself.

Jawline filler

Jawline filler is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure aimed at giving your jawline a more definite look. At VLine Cosmetic Clinic, we inject the skin of our clients with safe fillers and at the end of the procedure, they get that perfect jawline shape they came for.

Before and After Transformation of Dermal Fillers Used For a Perfect Jawline
Before and After Transformation of Dermal Fillers Used For a Perfect Jawline

Are Fillers Good For The Jawline?

Yes. The fact that you weren’t born with the well-defined jawline you want doesn’t mean you can’t have it. Due to your facial structure, you may not have the type of jawline you admire in others, but with jawline fillers, you can get the look you desire. 

How Long Do Jawline Fillers Last?

The result won’t be permanent but results gotten from fillers injected into your jawline last up to a year and over. You can always return to your cosmetic clinic or medical spa after your first treatment for periodic adjustments.

Will Jawline Fillers Make My Face Slim?

Yes. You will notice your face has become slimmer after getting fillers for your jawline as It helps define your jawline by making it angular.

Chin Filler

Chin fillers improve and make your chin more attractive by increasing the volume and giving you the chance to choose the shape of your chin. In this case, people use fillers to remodel and reshape their chins for increased confidence.

How Long Do Chin Fillers Last? 

After Reshaping your chin with fillers in a good med spa the results last between 1-2 years with periodic “touch-ups”.

Before and After Transformation of Dermal Fillers Used to Enhance the Lips and Chin
Before and After Transformation of Dermal Fillers Used to Enhance the Lips and Chin

Is Chin Filler A Good Idea?

The procedure is popular and safe, and people who want a more defined facial look go for it. After a successful treatment, the face possesses a more attractive and youthful appearance. So, yes, chin filler is a good idea for those who desire an enhanced look.

Is Chin Filler Harmful?

Chin filler isn’t harmful. It’s a process widely done for a lot of individuals without any complications, and it’s also approved by the health board. You will have no worries at all If you get it done at a good cosmetic clinic or medical spa with experienced injectors.

Under Eye Filler

Under-eye filler, also known as tear trough filler is used in removing the appearance of hollows and dark circles under the eyes.

While aging, lack of sleep, allergies, exhaustion, eye rubbing, excessive sun exposure, and family genetics may be several causes of hollowed eyes and dark circles under the eyes, most people tend to fix them with eye creams and several quick fix methods which rarely work, and sometimes worsen the case or even cause further damage to the skin. However, getting under-eye filler has proven to be the best method so far, and results are quick, painless, and require no recovery time.

Before and After Transformation of Dermal Fillers Used to Remove Eye Bags
Before and After Transformation of Dermal Fillers Used to Remove Eye Bags

How Long Does Under-Eye Filler Last?

After successfully getting fillers to brighten and restore youth under your eyes, the results are sure to last over 9 months.

Are Under-Eye Fillers A Good Idea?

For those that have got noticeable tear troughs or probably a hollow or dark appearance below the eyes, you won’t go wrong with under-eye fillers as they are a quick, safe, and effective remedy.

Why Should You Not Get Under-Eye Fillers? Can Tear-Trough Filler Make You Look Worse?

The answer is a definite No and here’s why: Good under-eye filler can be transformative, but it can be hard to get right. It is not a process that can be done by just anyone and that’s why you need to get the process done at a reputable clinic.

Are Fillers Good For Under-Eye Bags?

As the eyes age, the surrounding areas age too. Bags and dark spots begin to appear which leads to discoloration and dullness of the eye, making you look older than you really are. Most times creams are ineffective in arresting the situation or slowing it down, so your best bet is to go for safe and effective dermal fillers to regain that youthful look gotten from bright eyes. We have considered dermal fillers and the different types based on the areas where they are used to improve your appearance.

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