Lip Flip Vs Lip Filler: Why Is The Botox Lip Flip So Popular? 6 Things you Should Know Before Getting A Lip Flip?


Lip Flip Vs Lip Filler: Why Is The Botox Lip Flip So Popular, And Do You Need A Lip Flip?

Lip Flip Vs Lip Filler

Fuller lips radiate a different kind of beauty, and so many crave fuller lips. Lip plumping is one of our most popular applications for dermal fillers because full and youthful lips are constantly in style. There are 2 methods to make this happen. While some may want fuller lips to compliment their stunning looks, others may want something much more subtle. These 2 methods are ‘Lip filling’ and ‘Lip flipping’. Is lip flipping the solution you’re looking for? Let’s take a look at what it is, and what you should expect.

What is lip-flipping?

Lip flipping is a nonsurgical method of making your lips look fuller without lip fillers. This form of lip augmentation is popularly known as a ‘Botox lip flip’. 

The Botox lip flip helps to accentuate the upper lips by injecting Botox into the lip. Your top lip is made to relax and roll upward with just a few short injections; revealing more of your upper lip. Perfect for you if you want to improve the shape of your upper lip with little effort.

How long does a lip flip last?

The procedure of a Botox Lip Flip takes about 20 minutes and guarantees a quick and instant result. Depending on some factors, the results gotten can last as much as 12 months 

Botox lip flip vs lip fillers

While both of them are good for making your lips more attractive, their methods and end results vary. If you know exactly what you want, then you should stick to it, however, if you’re undecided on which one suits you most then you should book a free consultation with us and our award-winning practitioner will assist you in making the right decision.

We will help decide if Botox or Dermal Filler is the ideal lip augmentation option for you based on your natural lip structure, your desired results, and your personal preferences.

If you want your upper lips to have a somewhat larger “pout” then you’ll probably be pleased with the Botox lip flip. Another reason to demonstrate that a lip flip would be good for you is if you desire lips that look larger but do not require more volume.

If you want more volume in your upper and lower lip then you should consider lip fillers as they are the best option. Other reasons to choose lip fillers could be if you want to enhance the symmetry and general shape of your lips, and you want lip augmentation results that last longer.

Sometimes, a patient’s best course of action is combining Botox with fillers. For certain individuals, enhancing lip volume with fillers and slightly lifting the top lip with Botox produces a lovely result.

Who should get a lip flip?

Have you noticed your lips getting thin? Do you admire having a fuller lip? Are you on a low budget? Do you want instant results before your next occasion? Do you want a quick method of having fuller lips? If any of the questions resonate with you, Then a lip flip is what you need!

For patients who prefer a subtle lip enhancement and want to improve the contour of their upper lip with little effort, the Botox lip flip is a great alternative to lip filler. 

Why Choose Lip flipping?

One of the best reasons for choosing a lip flip is the cost and time efficiency. Consider it a slight, inexpensive adjustment that will enhance the shape of your lips naturally while plumping your upper lip with little to no downtime and providing almost immediate results

Lip Flip Near Me

There are many possibilities available when you search for “lip flip near me” whether you are looking for a Cosmetic Clinic, Botox clinic in Toronto, or Medical Spa In Toronto but choose those who have some expertise in performing the procedure, and are licensed to do so. 

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