Can I Look Natural With Botox? Follow These 8 Tips If You Want To Get Botox and Still Look Natural

Can I Look Natural With Botox?

Can I Look Natural With Botox? Do This If You Want To Get Botox In Toronto and Still Look Natural

You found some wrinkles you would like to get rid of to look younger, and you are asking yourself if you should get Botox or not.

A part of you says “why not?” After all, you have seen different people online and in “real life” get Botox, so you’re sure it works but another part of you is scared of looking unnatural and getting that “frozen” look you’ve heard of.

Is this you? If it is then this post is for you, in this post we will be looking at how you can get Botox in Toronto and still maintain a natural look, and at the end of this post you will be able to decide if you want to get Botox or not.

Ready? Let’s get into it

But first

What Is Botox?

First time hearing about Botox? Then you will need to read this part, but if you already have a good understanding of what Botox is then feel free to move on to the next question.

Botox which is the short and “trendy” name for Botulinum Toxin (yes, it’s a bit of a mouthful) is a protein that is naturally occurring and produced.

Although Botox is now used to remove visible signs of aging it wasn’t tested or used for this purpose in the beginning, instead it was a solution for crossed eyes in 1978, and it wasn’t used as a cosmetic solution to reverse aging until 2002.

What does Botox Do?

Botulinum Toxin also known as Botox does a range of things, from serving as a treatment for migraine to treating excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and being used as a cosmetic treatment.

Its application in maintaining beauty includes:

• Removing wrinkles on the face

• Treating of necklines

• Lifting eyebrows

• Contouring the face

• Fixing gummy smiles.

Botox does all the things mentioned here and more when it is injected into the area by a practitioner (nurse or aesthetician) in a cosmetic clinic or medical spa, remember to only get Botox from a licensed practitioner for the best results.

Can I Look Natural With Botox?

Can I Look Natural With Botox?

Yes, you can look natural with Botox, but before you get Botox you should also ask what “natural” means to you. The job of Botox and an expert injector is to help you do one thing which is to remove as many wrinkles as possible in areas where you want them gone.

Does looking natural mean getting rid of a few wrinkles, or getting wrinkles totally removed but avoiding the “frozen” look? This is the question you need to answer before getting Botox that fits your definition of looking “natural”.

How To Look Natural With Baby Botox

Despite the name Baby Botox isn’t for babies, instead, it is your chance to “try” Botox for the first time if you’re skeptical whether you will maintain a natural look or not, so how does baby Botox work?

To better understand baby Botox let’s first call the normal process of getting Botox “traditional Botox”.

Traditional Botox is when you get the right amount of Botox to completely erase all wrinkles and fine lines on your forehead, crow’s feet, chin wrinkles, laugh lines, lip lines, or any other area.

In the case of traditional Botox some people get a plastic or frozen look like they are completely emotionless in those areas, but this doesn’t happen for everyone, and another way to avoid this is to choose a good injector.

Baby Botox which is also called micro-botox involves using smaller amounts of Botox in the areas where you want to get rid of wrinkles, what this does is that you end up getting a smooth young appearance but because the amount (units) of Botox used are smaller it is impossible to look “frozen” or “unnatural”.

Who Is Baby Botox For?

Anyone can get baby Botox and benefit from its skin smoothening and youth-enhancing benefits, but there are 2 main groups of people who benefit from it the most.

The first group are younger patients or clients who are trying to prevent the formation of wrinkles, so they can continue looking young while the second group are clients over 25 looking to try Botox for the first time to remove wrinkles and fine lines.

Age doesn’t really matter when it comes to getting baby Botox, all ages over 20 are suitable candidates to remove wrinkles and smoothen their appearance with smaller amounts of Botox.

How Can I Prepare For Baby Botox?

Preparing for Baby Botox involves a consultation and an appointment, the first thing to do is to have a consultation with your practitioner at the clinic you choose to get these microdoses of Botox.

The consultation usually involves discussing different things like how many units of Botox you will need if you have any existing healthcare problems that may stop you from getting Botox, the areas you’re looking to treat, and the results you have in mind.

After the consultation an appointment is set up, getting baby Botox on the day of your appointment usually takes less than 30 minutes, and during this time the microdoses of Botox are injected in the places where you want a smoother appearance.

Once you’ve been injected you will notice results starting from the first day, but the best result which is your wrinkles disappearing totally will be noticed between 5 to 10 days.

What to Expect, and How Long Does Baby Botox Last?

The skin smoothening results of baby Botox is not very dramatic but are enough to help you know if you want to get more Botox as the areas treated will be wrinkle-free and natural.

Another key thing to know before deciding to get baby Botox is how long the results last, and compared to getting a full dose of Botox which lasts 3 to 4 months in the traditional sense the results gotten from baby Botox last only 2 months although this varies from patient to patient, so you may get results which last as long as 3 months.

Results of micro-botox (baby botox) from a treatment done using Dysport which is a derivative of Botox for wrinkle reduction in the forehead.

Are There Any Risks Of Getting Baby Botox?

A few people are allergic to Botox, and some people with specific health problems or injuries should not use Botox, this is why you should consider messaging or calling our Toronto cosmetic clinic at +1 905 597 6338 before your appointment. 

The other risk of getting Botox is a complication from inexperienced injectors and this is why if you’re thinking about getting baby Botox in Toronto then you should do all you can to get it at a reputable Toronto cosmetic clinic.

Cost of Baby Botox in Toronto

The cost of baby Botox is dependent on the number of units, the baby Botox procedure usually requires 10 or fewer units of Botox to get results.

The average price of a unit of Botox in Toronto cosmetic clinics or medical spas is $14, so you should expect to spend $150 or over to get baby Botox for the removal of fine lines and wrinkles.

How Can I Get Baby Botox Near Me In Toronto?

As said before it is best you get baby Botox from a highly skilled injector at a cosmetic clinic or medical spa that has completed a lot of successful Botox treatments, doing this will reduce the risk of complications, and help you get the best result, so focus on clinics near you (in your area) with reviews like this one below and ask for a consultation. 

During the consultation focus on how much attention they are paying you as this is a good sign, you’re in the right place.

Is Baby Botox Better Than Traditional Botox? 

Traditional Botox and baby Botox both have their advantages for example traditional Botox lasts longer and the results are more visible meanwhile baby Botox is cheaper, but the results last for a shorter time and are less visible, so one isn’t better than the other it is just a matter of which one you prefer and need.

Looking to try Botox or prevent wrinkles? Then baby Botox is for you, and after over 500 treatments are completed we can assure you that VLine Clinic is the place for you when looking to get baby Botox in Toronto from highly skilled injectors.

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