Non-surgical nose job: Not Everyone Will Tell You These Important 7 Things About Getting A Non-surgical Nose Job In Toronto

Nonsurgical Nose Job

7 important questions you need to know before you get a non-surgical nose job.

A nose job which is also called a rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure done by “plastic surgeons”. Once people realized they could reduce, increase, and change the shape of their noses the popularity of this surgical procedure continued to rise, and it hasn’t stopped since then.

As popular as a rhinoplasty is, not everyone who wants to get a “nose job” to change the appearance of their nose is willing to go through with it and this has led to the development of a non-surgical nose job option which we will be discussing in this article and also answering 7 important questions you need to know before you get a non-surgical nose job.

What Is a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

A nonsurgical nose job refers to any procedure that makes the nose smaller, more straight, or less wide without the need for surgery which costs a lot of money, requires time, and is painful.

In the case of a nonsurgical nose job there is no pain involved, downtime isn’t required, and it is affordable for most people.

Not Everyone Will Tell You These 7 Things About Getting A Non-surgical Nose Job In Toronto
Not Everyone Will Tell You These 7 Things About Getting A Non-surgical Nose Job In Toronto

The use of Dermal fillers for a nose job is the most popular nonsurgical nose job option which works best to give you the type of nose you want, but what are dermal fillers, and how are they able to reshape your nose? Here are the 7 things to know about this type of nonsurgical nose job.

1. How Do Dermal Fillers Work?

Dermal filler nose job or liquid rhinoplasty as it is called involves injecting hyaluronic acid into specific areas of the nose to enhance the look according to the shape you want.

There are different types of fillers on the market but the main ingredient in most of them is hyaluronic acid which looks like a gel and is responsible for adding volume to the nose or changing the structure and shape of it.

2. What To Expect During a Non Surgical Nose Job with Nose Fillers?

The first thing you need is to book a consultation with an experienced practitioner at a medical spa or cosmetic clinic, we recommend consultations first because it is during this consultation your practitioner will take a good look at you, try to understand the look you’re going for, and tell you how you will be able to achieve this look with nose fillers.

After the consultation your appointment can begin, or you will be scheduled to come in on another day. An appointment for nonsurgical nose job with fillers is quick and easy, you come in and within 15 minutes to 20 minutes an experienced practitioner injects the right amount of filler into your nose to give you the look you desire.

Results of this procedure are immediate which means after fillers have been injected into your nose you will see the new shape or size of your nose – there’s no need to wait for your nose to heal unlike with a surgical nose job.

A happy client after her nonsurgical nose job with fillers at VLine Toronto cosmetic clinic, call or message +1 905 597 6338 for your consultation.

3. How Long Does a Nonsurgical Nose Job Last?

The results of a Nonsurgical nose job with nose filler like the one you saw in the before and after above last over a year, for some clients the results last 1 year and for others the results can last almost two years.

Like most cosmetic treatments there are different reasons your results may last longer or shorter, and a few reasons why the length of results are different for each person when it comes to nonsurgical nose jobs include:

• Metabolism – how fast your body breaks down the ingredients in the nose filler.

• Lack of hydration.

• Lifestyle factors such as stress, diet, and sun exposure.

To make the results of nose filler last longer you should consider getting a “touch up” treatment after a year to increase the length of the results – touch up treatments use a smaller amount of filler and are less expensive.

4. What Is The Disadvantage of a Nonsurgical Nose Job?

Thinking if a nonsurgical nose job is painful? It is not and there are usually no complications with this procedure, our Toronto cosmetic clinic has completed a lot of treatments with fillers and every time we have done them our clients have been more than happy, and usually report no pain.

There is also no downtime which means you can come in, get a nonsurgical nose job to improve your appearance, and continue to enjoy your day or even go back to work with absolutely no time required to “heal” or recover from a surgery.

5. Who Is a Nonsurgical Nose Job For?

A nonsurgical nose job using fillers is for anyone who wants to slim their nose, or correct how their nose looks, so they can be confident in their appearance.

Adults of all ages and genders can get fillers for a non-surgical nose job.

6. How Much Does a Nonsurgical Nose Job Cost In Toronto?

The cost of a nonsurgical nose job largely depends on the brand of filler that will be used, the clinic you will get the procedure done at, and how many syringes of fillers you need.

Most patients usually need only one syringe of filler to improve the appearance of their nose but those who want more serious results may need as much as two syringes and the average cost of a syringe of filler in Toronto clinics is $700.

7. Where To Get a Nonsurgical Nose Job Near Me?

Nonsurgical nose jobs are a minimally invasive treatment which means they don’t require surgical equipment or cut deep into skin which makes cosmetic clinics or medical spas the ideal places to get this done.

Choosing a clinic that is near you to get your nonsurgical nose job is a wonderful idea as it will save you stress but when doing this ask your chosen medical spa or cosmetic clinic for a consultation which will help you decide whether they are right for you or not.

How Can I Slim My Nose Naturally?

The straightforward answer to this question is you can’t because although you may be tempted to consider exercises and DIY mixtures to reduce the size of your nose most of these don’t work because the size of your nose is a result of how your bone and tissues are formed.

A non-surgical nose job is a way to reduce the size, width, or shape of your nose quickly and with a very high success rate especially if you don’t want the pain, cost, and downtime associated with rhinoplasty (surgical nose job).

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