How to Minimize Pores For Smooth Skin: The Truth About Pore Size and 10 things you Need to Know

How to Minimize Pores For Smooth Skin

The Truth About Pore Size: How to Minimize Pores For Smooth Skin


You follow a skincare routine to achieve clear, radiant, and healthy skin but no matter what you do those large pores on your face won’t go away.


A lot of people agree it is nearly impossible for your skin to look smooth with huge pores and I understand how frustrating it can be when enlarged pores constantly try to “steal” from your perfect look.


After listening to so many clients at VLine Cosmetic Clinic talk about how they have been looking for a way to “shrink their pores”, I finally decided to put this article out here as a definite guide to reducing large pores and achieving that smooth skin look.


What are you still waiting for? In this post we will be talking about everything from the causes of large pores to if pore reduction products are what you need and whether there’s such a thing as permanent pore reduction.


This is the only post you’ll need to read on this topic, so kindly read till the end!


What Causes Large Pores?


Before we rush into pore reduction solutions let’s start at the beginning of the problem which is the cause.


When it comes to “skin imperfections” genetics is usually the first suspected cause because just like you inherited your eye and hair colour from your parents or grandparents there is a high chance you inherited the type of skin they had also.


Besides genetics some other common causes of the enlarged pores that are driving you crazy include:


  • Acne


  • Oily skin


  • Clogged pores


  • Thick hair follicles


  • Hormonal imbalance


  • Too much sun exposure


  • Poor choice of skincare products


  • Loss of skin elasticity and firmness due to age


The causes of large or “open” pores as some people call them are many, and most times it occurs due to a combination of several factors, an example is having acne and being overexposed to sunlight over time.


How Often Should I Exfoliate To Reduce Pore Size?


This is one common question I get asked and remember when we highlighted the causes of enlarged pores and clogged pores was one of them?


Well, exfoliation which is a process of removing dead skin cells and impurities from the surface of your skin is advised as a way to minimize pore size that is caused by blocked (clogged) pores.


When it comes to the type of products to use for this exfoliation you can go with Chemical exfoliants like Mandelic Acid, Glycolic acid or Lactic acid. You can also try natural exfoliants like “scrubs” and “masks” but when doing this speak to your dermatologist or book a consultation at VLine Cosmetic Clinic.


In response to the initial question which is “how often should I exfoliate to reduce pore size?”, it is best you exfoliate twice a week or after every 3 to 4 days because this is enough time to ensure your skin is free of impurities and also “recovers” before another exfoliation process.


Don’t exfoliate more than twice a week except directed by your dermatologist as exfoliation that is too frequent leads to irritation, inflammation, breakouts, and could further increase the size of your pores.

What Are The Best Products For Reducing Pore Size?


Skincare products can be used to manage enlarged pores, but don’t expect dramatic results from these products to help you “close your pores” completely or smoothen your skin totally, why?


This is because these products work over time, and are mostly unable to penetrate deep enough and cause the changes you are looking for, and trust me large pores need treatment that goes deep to tighten the skin.


It is also important to note that when it comes to the “best products for reducing pore size” it’s advised you look at the ingredients used instead of the brand name, your dermatologist can also recommend the best products for you based on your skin type.


With that said ingredients to look out for in your skincare products that can help you reduce the appearance of large pores on your forehead, nose, cheeks, or other parts of the face include:


  1. vitamin C

  2. Lactic acid

  3. Glycolic acid

  4. Mandelic acid

  5. Clay

  6. Niacinamide

  7. Salicylic acid


The acids in this list help unblock (unclog) your pores and draw out impurities, clay masks also help do the same. Niacinamide helps prevent aging, and no matter the skincare products you use, never forget to apply sunscreen as it helps prevent your pores from getting larger as a result of sun damage.


Pore strips work to help you unclog pores just like the acids mentioned above, but it is best to avoid them as most pore strips are not gentle and can affect your skin barrier causing excessive sebum production or even making your pores appear larger.


Is It Possible To Close Pores Completely?


If you mean whether it is possible to reduce the size of large pores for a smoother appearance then it is possible to “close” pores to an extent.


Why not completely? This is because your pores help your skin “breathe” by aiding the movement of liquids and gasses through your skin.


Closing your pores completely will mean nothing can move through the surface of your skin, hair will struggle to grow as well, and you’ll end up with health problems, so the goal is to minimize the “appearance” of pores by reducing the size of your pores instead of trying to close them off completely.


Are There Any Natural Remedies For Reducing Pore Size?


Wondering if a healthy diet or “Do It Yourself” Natural home remedies can reduce pore size?


A healthy lifestyle not just diet is recommended for overall skin health, diet can play a role in pores being enlarged when foods which cause excess oil production in the skin are eaten. 


Alcohol intake leads to dehydration, and certain stimulants or medication can lead to hormonal imbalance which is a cause of large pores.


Eat your fruits and leafy vegetables for better looking skin and overall health but don’t expect changes in diet to lead to significant changes in how your pores look because you may be disappointed. Cleaning of the bowels is recommended as well as this aids better absorption of nutrients that contribute to better looking skin.


For the case of natural home remedies, it is best you avoid them or use them only with the supervision of a medical practitioner such as a dermatologist or aesthetician because a lot of natural home remedies upset the PH of the skin which leads to skin barrier damage by being too acidic or alkaline for the skin.


So there are home remedies for large pores but a lot of them are not recommended, and it is best you avoid them in favour of medically tested solutions for shrinking large pores.

Can You Permanently Shrink Pores?


Is there a way to shrink pores? Yes, but can you permanently shrink pores? No


You can’t reduce the size of your pores permanently due to factors like the type of skin you have, aging, and sun exposure, but you can definitely get results that last a long time depending on the method you use for pore shrinking.


Reducing or shrinking pore size with laser is a recommended pore reduction solution with immediate and long-lasting results.


Want to know if this is for you? Keep on reading as we explore Laser as the right pore shrinking solution for you.


How Do You Reduce Pore Size With Laser?


Without a doubt I can say shrinking pores with laser is the best and safest way to reduce pore size while revitalizing skin.


At VLine Cosmetic Clinic a special brand of laser called the Picosure laser is used for the purpose of smoothing skin out by reducing the appearance of pores.


Picosure laser is able to do this by releasing light energy which is controlled by your practitioner to tighten skin, remove problems of hyperpigmentation in the area, and shrink your pores down with immediate results.


Remember when I said the problem of enlarged pores is one which goes deep? Well, the light energy released by Picosure laser penetrates deep into skin to shrink enlarged pores from the root.


What Should I Expect After Pore Size Reduction?


The process of pore size reduction with Picosure laser therapy is a pain free one, and one with immediate results, yes you don’t need to wait days or weeks to see results because immediately after your treatment you can look in the mirror and see your skin looking smoother just like this.

On rare occasions some clients that we have treated to reduce pore size using lasers at the clinic notice redness in the area where pores have shrunk, but there’s nothing to worry about because this redness disappears in one day.


After your treatment, avoid too much sun exposure, the use of harsh skincare products, extremely hot baths, and procedures like chemical peels for up to 5 days after the procedure to ensure you get the best and long-lasting results.

Pore shrinking with Picosure
Results of laser for pore shrinking on the nose – procedure done at VLine Cosmetic Clinic Toronto, call +1 905 597 6338 to book an appointment or consultation.

What Is The Cost Of Laser Pore Shrinking In Toronto Cosmetic Clinics?


The cost of laser pore shrinking differs based on location, how many sessions of laser treatment you will need, and the Cosmetic Clinic or Medical Spa you’re getting it at.


In Toronto cosmetic clinics you can expect an average price of $350 to $700 per treatment session of Picosure laser pore shrinking and only one treatment is usually recommended to shrink pores for a result that lasts a minimum of 1 year.


It is advised you first book a consultation with the clinic you would like to get your treatment done at as this will ensure you are guided properly to make the best decision if the clinic is for you.


Where Can I Get Pore Size Reduction Near Me In Toronto?


Laser pore size shrinking lasts longer, provides immediate results, takes just 30 minutes to complete, and offers a safe way to reduce pore size compared to the use of skincare products which offer no significant changes in the size of your pores and home remedies that are bad for your skin.


After seeing the advantages of pore shrinking with laser it’s apparent that Picosure is the right solution for you, but you may not want to travel long distances to get this treatment and this is why it is recommended you look for an advanced clinic with highly skilled practitioners to help you solve this problem.


Consider calling VLine Cosmetic Clinic located in Toronto on +1 905 597 6338 for a consultation if you live in the Toronto area as the before and after pore shrinking result you saw previously was done at VLine.


Finally found the truth about reducing pore size with this post? I told you this is the only post you would need on your journey to smaller pores and smoother skin!

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