IPL Skin Rejuvenation: 9 Important things You Need To Know if you Want to Transform Your Skin

IPL skin rejuvenation

Transform Your Skin with IPL: All You Need To Know About IPL Skin Rejuvenation


There is a rate for your body to age normally, but a lot of people are not aging normally, instead most types of aging these days are premature.


Premature aging is simply aging faster than normal and the major causes of premature aging include stressful lifestyles, poor skin and body care routines, not starting anti aging treatments early enough and too much exposure to sunlight (yes this occurs even in places that don’t get a lot of sun).


This sun overexposure causes a popular type of premature aging problem called Photoaging which  leads to signs like hyperpigmentation, saggy skin, wrinkles, enlarged pores, rough skin texture, and even skin cancer.


In this post you’ll be learning how IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Therapy helps you reverse the signs of premature aging, especially that caused by photoaging, and how you can transform your skin through IPL rejuvenation in just a few treatments.


What is IPL, and How Does it Work for Skin Rejuvenation?


IPL which is the short form of Intense Pulsed Light therapy and also called a Photofacial is a cosmetic procedure that uses light energy in a broad wavelength to heat up the skin, help it repair itself better, improve skin tone, smoothen skin texture, and also build up collagen that is responsible for making skin firmer and more youthful without surgery or many days required to “recover” from surgery.


This treatment is often confused or referred to as a laser treatment, but this isn’t the truth because lasers often focus just a wavelength of light energy on your skin while IPL is able to release multiple wavelengths of light.


Often used for the face and neck, IPL can also get results for other parts of the body such as the hands, legs, shoulders, and the back amongst others.


What Skin Concerns Can IPL Treat for Skin Rejuvenation?


The main benefit of IPL is its ability to treat photoaging caused by exposure to UV rays from the sun over many years, besides that it can serve many different purposes and get other skin enhancing and age reversing results like:


  • Making skin brighter


  • Solving the problem of uneven skin tone


  • Solving the problem of uneven skin texture


  • Reducing the appearance of large pores


  • Removing the appearance of broken capillaries and blood vessels


  • Treating of acne and minor scars


  • Treating rosacea redness and flare-ups


  • Solving the problem of dark spots


  • Removing fine lines and wrinkles


  • Slowing down aging and making you look younger no matter your age


These various reasons are why IPL is so versatile, and you’ll need a consultation in order to know the best option for the problem you are trying to solve with IPL.


What Should I Expect During an IPL Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation?


Every cosmetic treatment begins with a consultation whether this consultation is performed at the clinic where you’ll be getting the procedure done or virtually with a consultant from a reputable clinic.


The importance of a consultation before treatment can not be overemphasized because of how well it works to your benefit and without a consultation your practitioner will have problems understanding your goals and how IPL can help you achieve them.


After your consultation then your treatment can be scheduled for a later date, but if you are ready to get started on your treatment immediately after your consultation then that’s an option which works as well.


Now it’s your treatment day and you have observed all pre-treatment precautions given by your practitioner to ensure your treatment goes smoothly.


Your IPL provider will apply a gel to the areas that will be treated and also give you some glasses to cover your eyes which is a standard procedure that reputable clinics use as a safety precaution for you.


The IPL device will be controlled and the pulses of light will be released with great skill to ensure you get the best results without any skin damage.


Expect the total procedure to last a maximum of 30 minutes with minimum to no pain, a lot of clients say it is not a painful process because it feels like little tickles on your face or whichever area is being treated.


How Many IPL Sessions are Needed for Optimal Skin Rejuvenation Results?


2 IPL sessions are often the average number of treatment sessions needed to see significant skin rejuvenation results whether you’re trying to solve the problem of uneven skin tone, uneven skin texture, acne scars, rosacea flare ups or reverse the effects of sun-induced aging.


More treatment sessions can be recommended during your consultation, but until then just keep it in mind that you’ll need a minimum of 2 treatments spaced over 2 to 3 weeks apart to ensure proper skin rejuvenation.


Curious to know the exact number of treatment sessions you’ll need to achieve your skin rejuvenation goals no matter what they are?


Feel free to call our Toronto cosmetic clinic for a consultation on +1 905 597 6338, or speak to one of our practitioners on Instagram.




IPL skin rejuvenation for the treatment of redness from acne scars done at VLine Cosmetic Clinic Toronto.
IPL skin rejuvenation for the treatment of redness from acne scars done at VLine Cosmetic Clinic Toronto.

How Should I Prepare for An IPL Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation?


Your consultant or provider will often tell you the best ways to prepare for your IPL treatment, but here are some common pre-treatment guidelines you may be told to follow if you are preparing for IPL skin treatment.


  • Avoid taking blood thinners 2 weeks to your appointment


  • Reduce sun exposure and smoking for a month before your treatment


  • Ensure you are hydrated by drinking more water than usual


  • Stop the use of skin treatments and ingredients that cause skin sensitivity


  • Protect your skin with a good sunscreen


  • Don’t wear makeup on the day of your treatment


Your provider may suggest more or less tips to prepare for IPL depending on the information you provide during your consultation.


What is the Recovery Process Like After an IPL Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation?


There is no downtime after Intense Pulsed Light treatment for Skin rejuvenation which means you can continue with your daily activities and return to work without taking any time off.


Some redness may be noticed, but it goes away in a day, and just like most skin repairing and renewing cosmetic treatments you should consider following after care guidelines such as:


  • Avoiding hot baths and showers for 48 hours after your treatment


  • Avoid the urge to pick at your skin


  • Put off exfoliating your skin for at least 7 days after your treatment


  • Stay out of the sun as much as you can and apply sunscreen as frequently as possible


  • Wash your face or the areas treated with a gentle cleanser


  • Moisturize your skin properly and attempt to stay hydrated by drinking water and eating water-rich fruits


  • Avoid smoking as it causes dehydration


With these after care tips your skin will heal and renew much faster to provide the best results.


How Long Do The Results of IPL for Skin Rejuvenation last?


As IPL helps promote skin repair through a healing process don’t expect to see immediate results, the results come in slow but by 2 weeks they will start to become noticeable.


After 4 to 6 weeks you’ll notice clearer, smoother, scar-free skin especially for the treatment of redness suffered from acne or rosacea.


The results you get from your IPL treatment are guaranteed to last up to a year, but you can increase how long your results last with proper maintenance through a good skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle because although it provides you great results it won’t protect you from photoaging caused by your lifestyle in the future.


How Much Does IPL Cost In Toronto?


There is really no general price of IPL treatment in Toronto because each Medical Spa, and Cosmetic Clinic sets their prices based on their standards, but you can expect a price of $450 per treatment as the average cost of IPL in Toronto cosmetic clinics.


You’ll never really be able to know the cost until you schedule a consultation or call the clinic of your choice for an accurate price, so it is recommended you call first instead of using this price to set your expectations.


Where Can I Get IPL Near Me In Toronto?


IPL is a treatment popular to Cosmetic clinics and Medical spas in Toronto, with that said there are a lot of clinics in the Toronto area which claim to offer the best service, so you can feel free to research some and give the ones you like a call to book a consultation, but always look out for how long they have been in business, positive reviews, how focused they are on educating you about the treatment, how well they listen to you, and if they are prioritizing your needs.


If after you have read this article, and you believe VLine Cosmetic Clinic Toronto is the best option for you then give us a call on +1 905 597 6338 to speak with our Cosmetic Director who has won multiple awards and completed over 1,500 cosmetic treatments.


IPL is a versatile treatment and one that provides great long-lasting skin rejuvenation benefits, give us a call to know how many treatments you need and let’s help you create the best path you can follow for optimal results with IPL Skin Rejuvenation.

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