Is Facial Hair Removal With Lasers The Best Way To Remove Facial Hair Permanently In Toronto? 9 Tips For You!

The Best Way To Remove Facial Hair Permanently

Is Facial Hair Removal With Lasers The Best Way To Remove Facial Hair Permanently In Toronto?

Hair growth happens for a purpose as the hair on our bodies provides warmth and protection for our skin.

Having body hair is considered normal but having facial hair around the chin, jawline, and forehead is something most women dislike and if you want facial hair gone then you should know certain things before choosing the best method of facial hair removal.

What Are My Options For Facial Hair Removal?

The Best Way To Remove Facial Hair Permanently

There are different ways to remove facial hair depending on which you prefer, how fast you want the facial hair gone, and how long you want your results to last.

Some common options open to you include waxing, shaving, tweezing, and the use of temporary hair removal devices such as an epilator or an at-home laser hair removal device.

These common options will help you with facial hair removal, but the results often last just a few weeks, and you have to repeat the entire process again which is not just time-consuming but stressful. Another downside is these methods may not be right for certain skin types or if you suffer from skin conditions such as acne or rosacea.

Is There Permanent Facial Hair Removal?

Yes, there’s a guaranteed way to remove facial hair permanently and safely for all types of skin, plus it even comes with no discomfort unlike with the use of epilators, shaving, tweezing, or waxing, it’s called facial laser hair removal.

What is The Best Way To Remove Facial Hair Permanently?

Laser hair removal for the arms and legs is a popular procedure, but a lot of people still ask if this permanent hair removal method can be used to remove hair from the face, and oh yes it can.

The process of laser facial hair removal is one which is conducted by an experienced laser provider at a cosmetic clinic, med spa, or laser clinic. Unlike the lasers used for hair removal at home this is very different and isn’t something you can do yourself, so what type of laser is it? How different is it, and how can it help you remove hair from your face permanently? 

Which Laser Treatment Is Best For Facial Hair Removal?

At our cosmetic clinic and med spa in Toronto, we use a laser called Fotona YAG Laser for facial hair removal because it is the best for treating all types of skin (even darker skin) and it is the fastest for removing facial hair.

Fotona YAG laser is one of a kind for targeting hair follicles effectively and safely, it also leaves areas you don’t want to treat completely unaffected which makes it the best laser treatment for removing hair from your face.

Will Facial Hair Come Back After Laser?

We have seen that after removing facial hair with laser the facial hair doesn’t come back, so you can say the results of this laser treatment are permanent, and you can expect to have a smooth hair-free face after your treatment as long as you undergo the number of laser hair removal sessions needed to get permanent results.

How Many Sessions of Laser Facial Hair Removal Will I Need?

Everyone is different, you have more hair than some people, and others have more hair than you do. The thickness of your facial hair, skin type, and the experience of your provider are factors that decide how many laser treatment sessions you will need to get permanent facial hair removal results.

Laser facial hair removal
Laser facial hair removal

Fotona YAG laser for facial hair removal provides permanent results, but if you don’t want your results to be permanent then you can get a few treatment sessions for long-lasting results while those who want their facial hair gone permanently should get more treatment sessions for permanent results.

What Should You Not Do After Facial Laser Hair Removal

Wondering whether you can wash your face after removing facial hair with laser? Yes, you can, but you’ll want to avoid hot baths, bleaching creams, and perfumes for the first 2 days after your treatment.

Avoiding exfoliating peels and other harsh exfoliating products such as facial scrubs and chemical peels for a week is highly recommended.

Cost of Laser Facial Hair Removal Near Me

The cost of getting facial hair removed permanently or semi-permanently with laser treatment depends largely upon the clinics in your area, and how many sessions you’ll need to get the best results.

Contact a reputable clinic with experienced providers near you as inexperienced providers will only waste your time and money so to avoid this look for only the best providers.

Your Best Choice For Facial Hair Removal In Toronto

There’s only one answer to saving time and money when it comes to removing facial hair and this is laser hair removal, at VLine Clinic we have helped hundreds of clients reach their beauty goals in the city of Toronto, and we can definitely help you remove facial hair for as long as you want.

A treatment session doesn’t last up to an hour with our expert practitioners, and you can go back to your daily activities or even go to work after your treatment because there is no time needed to “heal” or side effects (disadvantage) of removing facial hair with Fotona YAG Laser

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