Why Am I Getting Spider Veins and Can Spider Veins be Removed Permanently? 9 Important Tips Just for You!

Why Am I Getting Spider Veins

Why Am I Getting Spider Veins and Can Spider Veins be Removed Permanently?

Spider veins which are tiny blood vessels that form visible thin lines or look like spider webs below your skin are often caused by genetics and can look green, red, blue, or even purple.

This problem is more common for people with fairer skin compared to people with darker skin because fairer skin makes you more prone to the effects of sun exposure such as UVA and UVB radiation.

If you have been searching for a way to remove spider veins then you have probably seen “varicose vein treatment” as well, but these are not the same thing as varicose veins are much larger than spider veins and also cause pain while spider veins do not.

Can you get rid of spider veins permanently? Can you remove them yourself? We will be answering all the questions you’re asking and offering the best solution to remove spider veins permanently, but first.

Why Am I Getting Spider Veins On My Legs?

Why Am I Getting Spider Veins

Sitting or standing for long hours continuously is a cause for the appearance of spider veins on your legs, but this isn’t the only cause as a deficiency in Vitamins like vitamin K, pregnancy, age, sunlight exposure, and injuries are also causes for spider veins on the legs.

Are Spider Veins On My Face Normal?

This depends on what you consider to be normal, having spider veins on your face isn’t out of the ordinary in the same way you can get spider veins on your legs, arms, and other parts of the body.

The causes of spider veins on the legs are the same for the face except that spider veins on the face can also be caused by rosacea, liver disease, or increased alcohol consumption.

What Age Is It Normal to Get Spider Veins?

It is normal to get spider veins at any age whether below your 20s, in your 20s, or above your 40s due to the many causes discussed previously, an example of this is developing spider veins at 15 due to changes in your hormones triggered by puberty or developing spider veins at 12 because of weakened veins or increased sun exposure.

Can I Remove Spider Veins Myself?

Asking “can I remove spider veins myself?” or “can I remove spider veins naturally?” means you’re looking for a way to remove spider veins with a natural remedy from home, but sorry to break it to you home remedies to remove spider veins hardly work.

Some say you should exercise, others say you should reduce the amount of salt you take, or apply apple cider vinegar to areas where you can see the spider veins. Yes, these may work for some people, but they rarely work for everyone, and you run a high risk of complications which makes these home remedies not worth it.

Do Spider Veins Go On Their Own or With Massage?

Spider veins do not go away without treatment, in rare cases they may become less visible but because they are less visible doesn’t mean they are not there and are totally gone.

Massage is believed to help with the management of spider veins because they help you boost blood circulation, but massage doesn’t get rid of them and improper massage done by an unqualified professional will only worsen your spider veins.

What Is The Safest Way To Remove Spider Veins?

You have seen how massages don’t get rid of spider veins, and how home remedies fail to work and could lead to complications, so if all of these don’t work to remove spider veins then what does?

Laser treatment is the best and safest option for the removal of spider veins as it comes with no pain, and doesn’t even affect your skin or cause side effects, there is also no risk of cancer which a lot of people are usually concerned with when it comes to laser treatment.

When Will I Get Results After Using Spider Vein Removal Laser?

Different types of lasers are used for removing spider veins at medical spas and cosmetic clinics, at VLine Clinic a cosmetic clinic in Toronto we use the Fotona YAG Laser for removing spider veins, and this laser spider vein removal device gets rid of spider veins after 1 or 2 treatment sessions.

When this laser is used by a qualified and experienced practitioner it focuses its energy to target the inside of the vein, so veins shrink and disappear completely between 2 and 7 days after the spider vein laser removal treatment. Also be aware that this removes spider veins from any part of the body and once this treatment is done, the spider vein disappears and never comes back which makes the results of laser spider vein removal permanent.

Here is a client’s leg before and after spider vein removal treatment at our cosmetic clinic and medical spa in Toronto, call us at +1 905 597 6338 or message us for an appointment.

How Much Does Spider Vein Removal Cost In Toronto?

The cost of spider vein removal in Toronto ranges between $150 – $400 and this price is given instead of an exact price as the cost of spider vein removal in some Toronto clinics may cost more or less than others, plus you may need multiple treatments which increases the price.

Spider Vein Removal Near Me

“There are so many clinics, how do I find a good clinic for spider vein removal near me?”

Yes this is a common concern and we often advise you to look for a clinic with a good reputation and well-trained practitioners, but this isn’t the only thing

To choose the best clinic for laser spider vein removal near you, ensure the clinic has practitioners who try to understand you fully during a consultation

We often advise our clients looking for spider vein removal in Toronto to start with a consultation, so we can take a good look at their spider vein to provide the best solution, so if you are looking for a place to remove spider veins near you then give us a call or message our Toronto clinic on +1 905 597 6338 and our highly skilled practitioner will consult with you to come up with a laser spider vein removal plan that is right for you.

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